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Buying 250 FREEDOMCRYPTO tokens using our 'Centralized' In-House Management option:

After purchasing your 250 FREEDOMCRYPTO tokens. Immediate voucher download is available from your members area (pdf file).

When you're ready to 'cash-in' the FREEDOMCRYPTO tokens all you need to do is fill out this short form, we then forward cash to your chosen payment option (you get paid market value minus a 5% transaction fee).


If you want to buy and sell FREEDOMCRYPTO using the Decentralized Exchange option:
Register to get your free account plus free crypto wallet here at the Waves Exchange.
(we have full details on how to use the exchange)

Any questions contact the GPCOOP team

For regular investing 'with bonuses' consider opening an Asset Creation Account
Owner Member's are eligible for a Monthly Dividend payment
(conditions apply).