Why Buy Crypto?

Why Buy Crypto?

Why Buy Crypto?


  1. Governments are printing money ‘paper money’ (fiat) by the ‘Trillions’.

  2. This alone will make paper money relatively ‘worthless’.

  3. ‘INFLATION’ will also render paper money relatively ‘worthless’.

  4. TAXES! ALL governments are introducing ‘new’ taxes to fund their woefully bad economic decisions and policies.

  5. Those making these policies make sure that they are not affected by investing using ‘insider’ information and corrupt business practices (lobbying and manipulation).

  6. All governments will introduce their own ‘crypto currency’ as quickly as they can. This is NOT for your benefit; it is to give them TOTAL control over your money. There will be NO CASH, no other crypto’s. China has already introduced its ‘digital’ (yen) system. This is NOT a ‘decentralized’ system; it is the exact opposite, a very much ‘Centralized’ system.

  7. Governments want to eliminate the privacy of the crypto ‘blockchain’ with their digital ‘centralized’ systems.

  8. Governments are using ‘Emergency situations’ as a means to control the population (covid19 passports, 911 in the USA, etc). They introduce new laws which give them the powers to break up ‘any’ gathering (protestor discussion movements). They threaten people with very large fines, for example £10,000 for a large gathering.

  9. Governments actually ‘FAVOUR POVERTY’. It’s the ultimate control mechanism.

  10. Governments only care about creating ‘REVENUES’ through taxes, and to get more people working.

Even the Queen (of England) promotes the governments ‘one-sided’ monopoly (listen to any of her annual Queen’s speeches). It is to be expected as the ‘ROYALS’ are part of the original 1% ‘elite’ persons that strive to maintain their obscenely ostentatious lifestyles (many wars have been fought by Royals).

Royals are the epitome of the original 1% (modern day ‘one percenters’ that own all the global wealth). The Royals have their own military (Royal Navy, Royal Airforce, Royal Fusiliers-Army) with family member’s wearing the top rank uniforms (showing positions of power and control).

Climate ‘masquerading’. The Royals talk plenty about global warming and sustainability but are among the world’s worst offenders.

Governments have always heavily promoted greed, anger, and resentment through their so-called ‘free enterprise’ economic system (controlled by big Corporations) rather than a ‘share and prosper’ system that would benefit ALL people.

Governments and elected officials are corrupt (TAX evasion, insider knowledge, investments in anything that makes them money, given prime board/executive positions in top companies, exorbitant salaries and bonuses…etc.etc…).

Banks are CORRUPT. Bailouts to banks have always been favoured by governments…who pays for all this?


They have no conscious, no concern of others, and really do not care one iota.

The 1 square mile that is the City Of London, has by law, its very own constitution and can (and does) do whatever it wants. It plays a very big part in influencing the elite ‘CIRCLE’ especially when it comes to hiding money overseas (Cayman Islands, Jersey, Bermuda, Virgin Islands are all recognized tax havens).

Tax havens for the poor…???

Crypto is the ONLY lifeline poor people (the masses) have right now.

Is It Time For You To Make A Change?

MLGM-CEECO (Clean Energy ECOnomy):  
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Ronnie Tutt   Founder MLGM, Director of Finance. Sustainability Consultant. Sustainable Energy Finance -
P.S. I served in the Royal Navy as a young lad back in 1966. I thought I was serving my country, how naïve I was back then. I never realized that I was just guarding the elite ‘CIRCLE.’


  • 31% of workers have saved NOTHING for retirement.
  • In the last year, 24% of workers had to postpone retirement age
  • 100’s of 1,000’s of normal working people are now being made HOMELESS due to businesses closing or downsizing, with job losses being the result.
  • 51% cannot afford to pay health costs.
  • Social Services will pay out more than it takes in.

A whole generation will retire in POVERTY rather than
PROSPERITY because they are not taking action!

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